Set Speaks began and continues to exist as a blog on my website, nourbese.com.  My decision to build a platform and establish it as a stand-alone site arises from the need to publicize certain issues regarding the unauthorised use of Zong! that currently exist between myself and Rana Hamadeh, a Lebanese artist who lives and works in Rotterdam.

I have hesitated making the situation public because social media often appears, especially to someone of my generation, an uncontrollable and at times inherently toxic phenomenon. My intent is, however, as mentioned in the essay in the About section, to bring the issues to the community of scholars and readers who know Zong!.  I would like Rana Hamadeh and the galleries involved to resolve this situation fairly and equitably, and perhaps the airing of the issues will have the appropriate effect on them.  I am also hopeful that making the situation public will generate thoughtful, informed and passionate discussion on the very important issues that have been thrown into relief.

The One Murder of Rana Hamadeh or Somebody Almost Ran Off Wid Alla My Stuff,  found under the About tab, comprises a concise description of what has transpired to date, as well as my own analysis of the issues I consider relevant to this dispute.

Backstory contains a detailed recounting of the relevant facts and events supported by correspondence and various links to Hamadeh’s show.  Some colleagues have contributed comments on what has transpired to date, and these are to be found at Responses.  For ease of access, all correspondence has been listed under the Correspondence tab, as well as attached as exhibits to the document found at Backstory.  Updates will describe any developments that take place over time.  Asks sets out what has being requested to date of Hamadeh and the galleries involved, as well as suggestions for anyone who supports a fair and equitable resolution of the dispute.